Sunday, January 18, 2009

my baby starts child care tomorrow

Llewelyn goes to day care tomorrow. My last child enters the system. The babymoon is over, as is my maternity leave in 2 weeks. He'll just stay a short time to inure him to it all.
I have to finally put my mind to lesson preparation and be more organised than I've ever been in life before.
The daycare is cool about L being in cloth nappies and giving him expressed breast milk, as well they should be.
Lovely Llewy has only been in MCNs ,and through trial and error and a few dollars under the bridge, we have found the ones that suit him best.
I'll add some photos of them.
I'm not patient enough to reduce the size of the photos and then return to attach them to posts, so they'll have their own little chapters to themselves.

Gabriel went to the annual Thomas the Tank Engine show today and is very chuffed.


  1. Thinking of you today, Cal as he starts his big adventure.

    Is it a centre you've used before? With Gabriel?

  2. How did you and Llewy go today?